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JCI Rabat – Business Exchange Initiative

Business Exchange Initiative est une série d’évènements qui a pour objectif de créer un environement de rencontres, d’échanges et de renforcement des compétences entrepreneuriales au profit des entrepreneurs de la région de Rabat Salé Kenitra pour créer plus d’opportunités d’affaire. OBJECTIFS : Créer une intelligence entrepreneuriale collective dans la région de Rabat Salé Kenitra. Offrir des opportunités de collaboration et de croissance aux entrepreneurs de…

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Customer satisfaction & the importance of building loyalty in business.

Every business organization’s success depends on customer satisfaction. Whenever a business is in the startup phase, it is a general rule that customers always come first and then the profit follows in the form of investment returns. The companies that manage to fully satisfy their customers will remain at the top position in any market. Today’s business companies realize that customer satisfaction is the key…

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Right to life

I have decided to overcome my fear and write my first article where I’m gonna share with you the events that led to what will become one of the most amazing experiences that literally changed my life. I have never considered myself a procrastinator but I admit fear caused me to postpone many things that necessarily needed to be done, such as writing an article…

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