The International Coach Training Program


Become a Coach in 2022 

Become a Coach in 2022 is a Talent Leadership Academy “International Coach Training Program (ICTP)” that runs for a period of 6 – 12 months depending on your motivation to become a coach. The ICTP is available in accordance with the requirements of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) following the Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

Through experiential online learning, and a live, virtual practicum guided by Dr. Jalal Mouti (ICF-PCC) an experienced mentor coach, you gain core life and organizational coaching competencies and skills. Learn to support the development and performance of individuals from all walks of life and from different backgrounds.

Gain worldwide recognized coaching competencies and skills that enable you to coach with confidence and be there for others to “Improve awareness, develop talent & boost potential!” 

This certificate program while in the process of being accredited by the ICF, is the first coaching program of its kind. You also won’t find an immersive coach training program like this in the Mediterranean region.

The 2020-2021 program is offered 20% online with more options!

  • Credentials:
    • Certificate of Attendance
    • Coaching Foundation Certificate
    • An ICTP Coach
    • A Certified ICTP Coach
    • A Certified Advanced ICTP Coach
    • A Certified Professional ICTP Coach
  • Format:
    • Option (1) – 100% classroom with a cohort of 6-15 peers
    • Option (2) – 20% online 80% classroom with a cohort of 6-15 peers
  • Schedule:
    • Evenings: 2 hours per session (2 sessions per week)
    • Weekends: 4 hours per session (1 session per week)

*More details concerning the days on the (ICTP Info Form)

  • What’s included:
    • 24 – 125 Coach Training Hours
    • 100 – 500 Logged Coaching Hours (Facilitation)
    • 10 – 18 hours of one-on-one and group mentor coaching 
    • Application process toward an ICF (ACC credentials)

The program handbook provides detailed information on the curriculum, courses, benefits, coaches and instructors, and Coaching @ Talent Leadership Academy, as well as important policies and admission requirements.

Programs Start Dates:

  • Coach Level 1 – (October 2021)
  • Personal Development Courses: January 2022
  • Professional Development Courses: January 2022

Application Deadlines:

  • Coach Level 1 – (October 2021)

As a student at Talent Leadership Academy “Coach Training Programs (CTP)”, you gain:

  • the competencies and skills to support people development at all levels of an organization and also from all walks of life.
  • the coaching confidence to apply these skills you acquire through experiential and hands-on training that includes a practicum, mentoring, and observed coaching sessions
  • credibility with a recognized credentialed mentor coach (PCC) that has gone through a rigorous training recognized by the International Coaching Federation.
  • community of coaching peers. Our cohort model, in which you start and end the program with the same group of professionals, allows for meaningful connections and a safe space in which to learn and grow.

Coach training skills applied in a workplace context enables individuals and organizations to achieve strategic goals, enhance leadership, and create culture change.

As a Life coach or an organizational coach, you can:

  • change the quality and impact of organizational conversations and culture while holding individuals, teams, and groups accountable
  • advance personal and professional development and success
  • help people, groups, and teams thrive and do their best work within complex systems
  • address organizational challenges by embracing the humanity of people and creating high-trust working relationships
  • enable leaders to step into new roles by developing their learning and performance pathways
  • enrich learning and development programs.

Who is it for?

Our programs attract a variety of students, including emerging leaders, mid-career professionals, and those transitioning into other careers or retirement. Some have been supporting peers through informal coaching for a long time. They are motivated to:

  • help others discover their potential and succeed in their careers
  • formalize their people skills with academic and experiential learning
  • support cultural change and foster team engagement in organizations
  • deepen their coaching or helping practice by adding to other coaching or counseling credentials.

Our students hold different titles and roles and include specialists, senior leaders, managers, and consultants. Some of our students are:

  • human resources/talent specialists and managers
  • directors and managers of culture and change
  • organizational development managers
  • account supervisors and executives
  • learning, development, and training managers
  • senior communications partners
  • presidents
  • consultants and coaches
  • project/program managers.

Industries and sectors are well represented in the program, and have included:

  • healthcare
  • high-tech
  • public sector and government
  • financial and real estate
  • education
  • transportation
  • film and entertainment
  • sole proprietors and consultancies.

Why TLA?

Talent Leadership Academy emerged from Dr. Jalal Mouti’s long-running and successful teaching, training, and coaching career at local, multinational, and educational institutions. Talent Leadership Academy is in the process of being accredited in 2021 by the International Coaching Federation which is recognizing as the highest standard of excellence in coaching programs.

Become a coah in 2021 is an 18 months, part-time program that combines self-paced online learning, live online intensives, as well as a practicum and a capstone project.  Offered 100% online with a classroom option.

You progress through the program with a single group of peers (a cohort). This unique format creates an experiential yet safe learning community in which you can foster connections, create and share knowledge, build leadership, and encourage greater success together. Throughout the program, you work in pairs, threes, and in small groups of 5–8 students, and are encouraged to work with one another in coach/client partnerships. The maximum number of learners in a cohort is 48.

View a detailed schedule for the:

January 2021 program schedule

The program includes:

Live Online Intensives: Ten days of live online sessions provide you immersive, high-touch, interactive learning hours. In these mandatory sessions, you practice coaching methodologies and frameworks with classmates and interact with instructors, guest instructors, mentor coaches, and alumni.

Modular Online Learning: Contribute, collaborate, and complete modules and assignments over the duration of the program within our virtual interactive classroom and online learning system, Canvas. Discuss posts, engage in personal reflective practice, and interact with each other under the supervision of an online moderator. Continually iterate and develop your coaching philosophy, competencies, and fluencies. Online groups are divided into four groups of approximately 12 students each.

Coaching Practicum: Experience, practice, and develop coaching skills by applying what you’ve learned, first with cohort peers and real individual clients, and then with organizational teams. Our team of ICF-accredited mentor coaches guides you and provides feedback throughout your practicum. The program concludes with a one-month team capstone project with learners working in small teams with an organizational team.

Organizational Coaching Project: Apply coaching skills and the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies in an organizational context and receive feedback on techniques and approaches. Refine a personal coaching philosophy, integrate reflective practice, and benefit from group learning and ongoing individual and team coaching.

Final Coaching Competency Panel Evaluation: In this final component of the program, you submit a recorded 30-minute sample coaching session. Evaluated by two Professional Certified Coaches, the purpose of this recording is to demonstrate your coaching competencies at a PCC level. Evaluations use International Coaching Federation competency level markers.

Program Hours and Expectations

Learners should set aside a minimum of 2–4 hours per week for online learning requirements to meet online and practicum deliverables. Time requirements may vary.

Graduation Requirements

You must attend and participate in all live learning intensives, successfully complete all of the online module assignments and practicum requirements, and pass the final coaching evaluation.

Technical Requirements

TLA Coach Training Programs suggests that you have the following technology and expertise in order to keep up with the program and complete assignments and projects online:

  • Familiarity with basic internet applications (email and web browser)
  • A recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or other web browsers
  • Familiarity with virtual technologies and call conferencing systems (e.g. Zoom, Skype)

Your computer operating systems must meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Windows XP SP2 Home/Pro
  • Mac OS X 10.4

While organizational coaching is a component of some coach training programs, we devote half of the required course hours to organizational coaching. The other half is dedicated to the practice of coaching with individuals, groups, and teams in organizations.

The curriculum combines strong academic content with practical and experiential learning, grounded in the theory and frameworks of organizational development and psychology. The program schedule combines practice coaching sessions, skill-building, reflective practice and mentoring. Group discussions, mini-lectures, skills practice, case studies, readings, practical written assignments and online discussion are also used to teach, practise and reinforce skills.

After the Program

We offer opportunities for our alumni to attend onsite sessions to provide learning support to new students while also providing avenues to advance their own learning and training. We are delighted that two past graduates have joined our instructor team, which allows us to deliver content in new and exciting ways.

Our instructors are experienced educators, coaches, and industry experts who have on-the-ground experience, and expertise in coaching, leadership, human resources practice, business, organizational development, mindfulness, neuroscience, humanistic psychology, adult education, and consulting. All have worked with adult learners in-person and online.

Our Mentor Coaches are International Coach Federation (ICF)-accredited coaches and have strong academic and professional backgrounds. Mentor Coaches work one-on-one and in groups to help learners develop, achieve, and demonstrate proficiency in their coaching skills and practice. You have the opportunity to work and learn from multiple mentor coaches throughout the program.

The total cost for the part-time programs ranges from ($2880) tax-free. Once accepted into the program a $57 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a place in the program. The deposit will be applied to the total fee. Subsequent tuition payments can be paid in full or in monthly installments of an average of ($288) :

All fees are in American dollars USD and are subject to change. Fees can be paid by Visa®, Mastercard®, cash, money order, PayPal or Cash at the TLA office.

Course fees include all course materials shared through the LMS (Learning Management System)

Before applying to this program, please read and understand the program handbook. The handbook contains detailed information about the program curriculum as well as important policies, terms, and conditions that you are required to be aware of.

Admission to this program is competitive and applications exceed the number of spaces available. Before applying to the program, we would be happy to discuss your eligibility, prior experience, and the relevance of the program to your goals. Please contact us by email or phone even via WhatsApp (+212 6 61 44 01 48) eMail at (

To accommodate learners from a variety of backgrounds, the admission requirements for TLA Coach Training Programs are broad. You must:

  • have an undergraduate degree or equivalent professional experience
  • have at least five years of relevant work experience working with individuals and teams in a range of organizational contexts
  • be motivated to enroll in this program by relevant professional or personal experience or interest
  • have a demonstrated understanding of and/or experience in the coaching field
  • complete an informal admissions interview to assess readiness and the academic, interpersonal, and communications skills sufficient to allow active participation in this dynamic and experiential program
  • have evidence of an adequate support network and resources in place for you to take on the demands of the program
  • demonstrate alignment between your expectations coming into the program, your post-program goals, and the program outcomes and benefits that the program provides
  • experience with coaching and/or being coached.

Your online application must include:

  1. A letter of intent (maximum 500 words): You should outline your motivations for pursuing the program, your current coaching experience and understanding, what you feel you will gain from the program, what strengths you bring and how the program contributes to your future personal and/or professional goals.
  2. Current resume: A detailed resume with as much information about your work and life experiences as possible.
  3. Two reference letters: We are looking for your professional references to confirm that you are a suitable candidate for the coaching program, explain why they believe you will succeed, and describe how the program will benefit you. We ask that the references indicate how they know you and their contact information.

When you submit your application, you will receive an email within five business days to confirm we’ve received your application and that it’s complete. Within a week following the first application deadline, the program team will contact you to schedule an informal admissions interview. This 25-minute interview is an opportunity to discuss your experiences, expectations, and potential fit with the program.

If you’re accepted into the program, you’re required to pay the non-refundable deposit within 24 hours to secure a place in the program.